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How much does a solar electric system cost?

The amount of money you invest in solar electric systems, vary greatly depending on the size of the system, and your location. To find out how much the Solar electric system will cost you, and how much you can save on your electric bill, click on Get Free Quote

Can I install solar panels myself?

Gosolarr.com does not recommend home owners to install solar systems on their own.The process requires both a licensed electrical technician and good roofing skills to ensure the solar power system is safe and optimally designed for long term usage for your home.

Can my electric bill really be $0?

Some solar systems produce more electricity than is used each month, which brings the net electricity costs to $0. However, there is still a minimal connection fee to remain connected to the electrical grid, it is recommended to be connected to the grid to avail incentives. To know more you can get Free quotes on the Get Free Quote

Is solar a viable option in cold climates?

Yes.The general rule is if your Solar panels are clear and clean , they can produce electricity. In fact, given equal sunlight, a solar panel on a cold day might out-produce a solar panel on a hot day.

How does a solar electric system affect my roof integrity?

With the help of licensed solar electrical technicians with years of successful experience, your roof should maintain all of its pre-solar integrity, and we at Gosolarr.com help you get connected with the best technicians and Solar panel providers in your area, for free. Be sure to ask your installer about any guarantees they offer on their installation quality, and for their assurance in maintaining your roof integrity.

How much maintenance does a solar system need?

With no moving parts, solar panels require very little maintenance. In fact, their design ensures that they remain relatively clean as long as they are exposed to rain or a quick rinse with a garden hose every few months. So once installed Solar electrical systems are easy to go on with your growing lifestyle.

Will my system still generate power during a blackout, powercut?

For the safety of workers attempting to fix the powercuts, solar systems that are connected to the electrical grid are required by utility regulations to shut off during blackouts. To be fair GoSolarr.com recommends battery backup or traditional generators and not our solar electrical systems in places where blackouts occur regularly.

How does snow affect a solar system’s performance?

While on the Panels the snow will definitely reduce the production , thus reducing your savings ,but it should not damage your system when designed and installed properly. Solar electrical panels have a tendency to produce some heat, this tendency along with the help of their angle together, allows the snow to fall off your panels faster than it would fall off your roof, quickly returning your system to its full potential.

Do I get paid for my extra energy production?

In select few areas in the U.S., you can be paid for any excess electricity you create with your Solar panels. But currently, most of America is under a system known as Net Metering, which allows your net electricity costs to be reduced to as less as zero, but no further.

Can solar panels heat my pool?

Solar electric systems for heating pools are also available at Gosalarr.com, to speak to our technician regarding this question click on Get Free Quote

I don’t plan on being in my home for 25 years. Why would I add solar?

People move more frequently now than ever before, but that shouldn’t impact your solar decision. A solar system can save you money today and even pay for itself in as little as five to seven years. Even if you move before your solar investment is completely paid off, studies show the cost will likely be returned in added value to your home. Plus, your home will most likely sell faster. Who doesn’t want a home with a guaranteed low electric bill?